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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


and.. a new headstart!
these few days.. or should i say 2 weeks of MIA from my blog. lots and lots of changes to my current life!
i've coverted part time in my groomer job and now.. Im earning $70 per day!
boss told me i've improve alot on my grooming and thus, increment of $20! so weekdays are my schooling days and weekends are my working days. =) in fact i can earn $560 just by working 8 days a month! sweet~

back to school.

thou i have to crawl out of my dreamy bed 530 am in the early morning...
there was never 1 moment i regretted making this choice and i strongly believe this passion of becoming a nurse will continuing burning throughout my life =D
it has been 1 week 2 days in school and lecturers are in fact noticing my school work and good performance.^^
but it's all thanks to ms kim, my biology teacher back in secondary school days. taught us alot of things in depth and i have no problems cooping with it at all. LOL*
but i wont let this get over me and will take it as a revision too.
my buddies in class are all of my age though majority are 16, 17 yrs old chaps. teaching them caused me so much headaches.. be it academically or lifeskills. hopefully they wont make the same mistakes like me but afterall.. i guess it's inevitable.. as humans... learning thru all the setbacks.


went to courts for a stroll and decided to buy a new digicam as vincey always wanted to take quality pictures.. and crystal can lighten it's load and fully concentrate on being my phoney.. hahah!
i hope this will put to a good use next month for our overseas trip dardar! ^^
initially i never ever thot of olympus as my full focus was on sony new slim range. but the promoter was really helpful and told me quality is better den design. as tat's wad a digicam is intended for..
he compared this with even nikon and canon and the wide screen function really impressed me. =) moreover it's lightweight, user friendly, ergonomics and not at all bulky =d

relationship with dardar has never been affected even due to my packed schedules.

he is the most understanding boyfriend i ever had! hughug*
im very apologetic to our postpone overseas trip last weekend.. =(

i know im a workaholic, very focus in school and family..
it may seem i dun give u as much but rest assured im doing this all for the benfits for our future tgt!
and.. its officially 2 more months to ur ORD!

soon.. u'll be studying for ur diploma and embark on ur journey!
i'll always be by ur side.. lock our hands tgt! muacckk-x

rained @ 8:55 PM

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i haven't been blogging for a good 6 days!
had been tired from working and miscellaneous things..
ytd jaff had something on and couldn't come for work and only me and boss to tackle those doggies! oozy was here in the early morning and can see boss' face was lyk a black cloth. hahahs! oozy is a cross breed of alaskan malamute and siberian husky whom undercoat can stuff into 10 pillows.
i reached wrkplace and whilst chnaging the bedding of boarding kennel dogs, i got scratched by the thin metal edges of the tray.. it hurts every now and den especially when in contact with water and soap. but its still okay.. until i was dealing with a papillion.
boss warned me tat it is not at all friendly as it has wary eyes. when i took my blades from the shelves, the dog was in front of me and thou i took caution, but his attack was too fast! oh my dear god! it was the worst bite i had ever received from a dog.
his bite was ruthless...
my fourth finger was bleeding profusely and dripped evrywhr on the floor. boss saw the blood and thot i nose bleed. wtf?! hahahs.. den he saw my finger and said faster go pour qing cao oil. i say dun wan cus upon contact with open wounds with tat medicated oil, the pain is even unbearable. but he say im grown up liao bite also can tahan nv faint so it shouldn't be a prob for me.
as i poured the oil, tears really formed on my eyes luh... i can still feel tat moment now..
bleeding has receeded and boss prohibit me from bathing dogs and touching water.. woah~ i felt so touched! he really cares alot for his workers. =DD so for tat entired day i just scissor and shaves dogs and he did all the showering for me.
we managed to clear all the appt dogs on time w/o jaff ard. =)
when we were abt to close grooming room, we had a walk in customer wanted to trim her cat's nails. den i carry it in.. and yes.. tat's when i've receieved another 'love' bite.. i kinda expected it cus it was a non-pedigree.. those u'll find on the road sides. the cat's bite was less painful;, cus it had sharp teeth compared to dog's blunt and round ones. as dogs apply force, the whole tooth punctured into the flesh. tat cat was a really cute one, it refused to let go of my thumb and bite on to it as if my finger was a mousie.. == den i went to stop the bleeding.. again. this time i didn't pour tat oil.
and i regretted it latr on..

i pass chloe boss' daughter xmas' present to boss and told him to pass to her cus she didn't come over.. hope she'll lyk the personalised keychain i've bought. =)

vincey came over to yishun and waited for me and we headed to northpoint to eat teppanyaki! 1st time im having this and the fun part is seeing ur food get cooked and served in front of u.. the dishes was just so-so only somehow tat chef didn't really put much effort. looked as if he wanted to get done with it asap.
after our dinner we headed to amk hub.. omw there my wound started to ache and itch at the same time den i swallowed 2 paracetamol. X( hope it get bettr by wed..
guess wad? dardar bought bodyguards and assasins movie tickets at 2215! shi yue wei chen! such a nice show! i'll give it full rating =) apart from it being v educational of china's histories the whole show was so captivating somehow i dun even wan to blink and miss a single detail of it.
oh yeah, finally 1 bad point is they actually censored a part of the show.. =( dinno wad happen to him...

finally its home sweet home..
and i wont be meeting up dar for a week as we are both busy with our own stuffs.. gonna miss u truck loads!!

just now.. boss called me and asked how am i feeling.. did i hav a fever and so on.. am i so fortunate to have so many ppl concerning about me! jaff called also and asked me to take care and such =)

life gonna get better day by day! Thank God! im so blessed

rained @ 1:57 PM

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

faith aka lil' monster new homey!
got this cage from my boss shop ^^ retailing at $368 but boss sold me at only $288. great bargain.

she was so shocked at first upon exploring her new residence. hahah* her big red sparkling eyes looking at me.. as if saying; owner is this an early x'mas present for me mahh? lol*
this cage is almost standing at 1.4m tall. mummy screamed at me.. so big! wahahah. faith likes it den im happy liaos.
tmr im gonna have a new cupboard bed frame and a new computer chair. am so anticipating for it! too bad i have to go work mus wait till evening den can re decorate my room. when sher's back from taiwan she'll be damn high~

ytd had an heated argument with dardar. and i nearly gave up on our r/s. glad tat vincey hold on and we manage to salvage it after talking things out peacefully.
just nw we met up and had kway chap for dinner! yummys~ my all time favourite. thurs i wonder whr should we go... to ice skate? to k box? to watch movie? shopping? sighs. so many things to do so little tym. =(((((
after jan thk im gonna be even more busier. boss dun allow me to quit! HHelppp~
wad choice do i have to stay and help them? lol*

rained @ 1:29 AM

Thursday, December 10, 2009

woots! today is myy off day! gotta draw out how my new layout of my room ^^ my new furnitures will be in next wed! so excited*

ytd nyte, dardar suprised me with 2 movie tickets! Storm warriors II
we went for dinner at hongkong restaurant at amk hub. the food is lyk so-so lo. cus i dun really lyk tat cuisine. mostly are sweet and sour.. tat used to be my favouryte when im young. nw im more fond of plain food lyk soups.

Storm warriors II;
kinda a disappointment thou.. as the show should be more to cloud and wind fighting against the evil king but turns out the climax is actually the brothers killing one and another. v sad ending.. cloud sacrfices himself and fell off the cliff.. awww~ hopefully he wont die and am anticipating for III. nevertheless, the fighting scenes and graphics was 2 thumbs up.
but! the movie is too short. gave me a feeling lyk quite a bit of rush luh.. should hav elaborate more.. sighs*
after tat we went home and dardar told me he dun feel lyk slping den we talked on msn till dawn and met up again for breakfast at lor 1 market! 5.30 am.. hohoho* den see dar off .. sad he had to go back to camppyy.

spend half of my day today iin lala land.. woke up den watch autumn's concertoo.. its a nuarr day. my friends called and jio-ed me out for movie.. Storm warriors.. lol! but too late. next week den meet them bahh, for avatar!

hmm hmm, gg out nw..
gotta buy some groceries and meet mummy and dad for dinner. guess sher wont be hm again 2nyte.. tsk tsk.

rained @ 7:48 PM

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

last week;
watched the twilight saga new moon with vinceyy! althou its a 2 and half hrs long movie but i was enjoying every sec of it. ('V')
dardar liked the movie too! im gonna buy the novel.. hope the next series will come out soon..

went for a ceramic perm few days ago and i did 2 treatments cus the damage is really taxing on my hair. as it was bleach, highlighted and rebonded b4. =p
the curls are still kinda tight nw and will only lossen after 1 week. sad case is i had to snip away 3 inch of my hair to prevents split ends. sighs*
just nw after work, met up with darllx and we headed for amk, initially wanting to catch mulan but last min popped ot 2 dogs for grooming. damn sad-ed. next time slot was 11pm. zZz(-.-)
den we went for dinner instead. on our way there, my shoe strap broke. NICE ONE. i rmr nt wearing tat shoe for more den 2 times. and was bought recently.. bo bian but to shop for a new one.
had our dinner! scrumptious satays and dar had his mee soto! i ordered mutton beef and chicken. and darllx was asking me y dun hav fish satay. =.=
den on our way to the bus stop, we saw 2 parrots. talking non-stop. and yes, talking! as in v fluently; continously saying how are you? hello, and ni hao ma? lol. such cutey pies. den i reach out my hand and say hello, and suprisingly he gave me his too! awww~ kawaii ne! i thot only doggies know how to shake hands.. now even parrots know. hohoho.. wads more when i was abt to leave, i say bye and he actually replied me bye bye too! i know he's just mimicking but the timing is so right. kekekeks.
nice day so far. tmr gonna wake up at 7.30 and meet boyfriend for breakfast ouh. hipefully i can wake up =p
Girlfriend LOVE Boyfriend to bits!

rained @ 12:26 AM

Monday, November 30, 2009

had the most tiring day at work on sat;
tat i throw mc and joined dardar on his relatives birthday cum his mum's chalet. i missed the fun part on sat nyte.. sighs. sun was quiet as most had left. but tat equals to more private time with dardar. =D u know, i know.
but didn't really had a good nyte rest.. had a bunch of noisy neighbour which is his brother and 5 monkey friends. =x
really sad tat dar had to go back camp for tat bo liao recall. early in the morning at 5am had to book in. den i cant sleep too so packed up the stuffs so later dar's mum wont need to do too much work.
dar came back to meet us at ard 11am den we headed to escape theme park with them! really kudos to his mummy as she dares to ride on the pirate ship and so steady on the go-kart. hahahs*i had 2 rides on pirate ship; once on the middle row and on the extreme side. by then i was numb-ed. tat left me with headache till now. cant deny tat im old liao. lol*
we left the theme park 1st and headed to amk hub for movie.. again. Ninja Assassin! Rain's acting was good. natural and cool. =) thou this movie is so bloody but better den jennifer's body and halloween II.
after movie, we were both dead tired due to lack of slp..
dar is fast aslp right now and i'll join him soon in lala land. zZzz(-.-)
to vincey with love;
i'll be by ur side healing u and bringing a smile to ur face. i hope u can fully let go of the past. if i can do it, u can too. =) thou we are just tgt for 1 month 8 days but i truly felt tat i can entrust myself to u.
counting down;
3 months to ur ord and 1 month to my school life. way to go~ ^^
je t' aime vinceyy. ("V")

rained @ 10:32 PM

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

had a loving day with dardar today!
im falling so deeply with u as days goes by too! muacks~!
went to dardar's hse for the 1st time today and nice environment. except for the bustling traffic outside. lol*
saw dardar's younger brother. dun really look alike worh. dardar more handsome ^^
browse thru photo albums; tons of them. almost every single one of them had his photo.
cute and chubby ouhh~ hohoho.

next stop; amk hub. (movie go-er nowadays =d)
watched paranormal activity!! at 1st it was plain boring and the video recording makes me feel dizzy. but toward the mid part, real stranges things was happening and it was unbelievable.. the girl got dragged out of the bed and all the way out from the bedroom outside! by nothing!! omgawd*
this is the part which freaks me out the most. imagine getting dragged by an invisible force halfway in ur sleep? eww* thumbs up to this movie, but somehow i hoped it was man-made. cus the ending is real sad. sighs* the girl's bf was killed by her as she was possessed by the demonic force. he was flunged from nowhere and smashed into the video recorder. had the shock out of my life siol. =/
rated: 3.5 stars
my new ipod nano!! just bought it today ouh. its a silver one but i bought a pink dress for her.
dar's one is black. but mine got a built-in video camera.
envious bahh vincey? =ppppppppp
am going to configure it now! so janaaaaa~ <3

rained @ 1:01 AM